Canada Visa Application – How to Apply, Guidelines


You will love knowing that Canada offers opportunities for immigrants looking for a better place to make their home. Canada’s immigration policy is friendly; a super-skilled workforce; and it has an excellent standard of living; also, it has a quality health system. As they often say, health is wealth.

Canada’s immigration policy is flexible. Nevertheless, if you do not know what to do to apply for a Canada visa, your application slip can probably be delayed or even rejected. The Canadian visa is what makes you legal to move around the country freely without any fear or intimidation. This means that if you do not have a visa, it is impossible to enter Canada, and if it is likely to be bypassed, it is illegal.

Types of Canadian Visas

Knowing the types of Canadian visas is extremely important because knowing the types of Canadian Visas can help someone make a good decision. The Canadian government offers two main categories of visas. They are:

Permanent Residence Visa: Like the name, this visa is reserved for those planning to stay permanently in Canada. Thus, Canadian class experience; the federally skilled worker; the Federal Expert Trade Program and the Provincial Nomination Program offer permanent residency courses through express access.

Temporary Residence Visa

This visa is for foreigners who intend to stay in Canada for only a short time. The visas that can be found in this category are: visitor visa, business visa, business delegation visa, student visa, diplomatic visa and organ donor visa.

Note: the temporary residence visa can enter once or multiple times. How is it? With a temporary single visa, you can stay in Canada for just over 6 months. On the contrary, a multiple-entry visa allows the immigrant to stay for up to 6 months and is valid for 10 years.

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Who can apply?

You must meet the criteria below to be eligible for a Canadian visa, otherwise not.

You have enough cash to support you during your stay

It has no side effect on your safety and health.

You must give the immigration officer a convincing reason that you will fulfill your duty very well.

You should not have been initially banned from entering Canada

What are the requirements to apply for a Canadian Visa?

Many of the requirements that must be met to apply for a Canadian Visa are listed below:

Fill in the required details and fill in the corresponding form to your satisfaction on the official website of IRCC.
You will need two passport photos as required by the IRCC
An original copy of your travel passport
Complete the VFS permission form.
Fund test
Must be able to speak and write English or French
Processing cost receipt
Valid and relevant medical report
Invitation letter with the details of your purpose of your visit and the details of your guest.
A courier envelope with own address
Proof of country of residence (nationality)
Biometrics may probably be required
It takes time to process a Canadian Visa

It is very important that you know that there is no specific time limit for processing it when processing a Canadian Visa. Nevertheless, there are some factors that can make the processing much slower or faster. Some factors that can affect the time frame for processing visas are: nationality, request, the accuracy of the given data, data verification, and so on. Express subscription, however, is one of the fastest and easiest ways to process it. It often processes a maximum of 6 months.

Where can I apply for a Canadian visa?

Having known most of the information above, I am very aware that the following objection is against you: how can I apply for this visa? However, this is a good question! There are basically two ways to apply for this visa. You can probably submit your application form online via the official website of the IRCC. You will also need a scanner, hard copies and the soft copies of the required documents.

The other recommended option is to apply for it through the Global Visa Application Center available at Canadian embassies or consulates.

Sending the passport

After you have been notified of your passport, you must submit the passport with your application letter via the Canada Visa Application Center located in your country of residence.

Note: you should know that if you send your passport to the same Visa application center where your biometrics are submitted, you will not have to pay a cent again. You are also entitled to collect your passport yourself via an authorized agent or use a courier envelope with your own address.

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